TO5 warrants

In January 2023, Dicot carried out a rights issue of units that was subscribed to 110%. The issue also included options in two series: in June 2023 TO4 was subscribed to 83% and in November TO5 was subscribed to 85%. Thus, Dicot received SEK 16.5 million before issue costs.

The purpose of the unit issue was to finance Dicot through the clinical phase 1 study. After a solid outcome in both the issue and in TO4 and TO5, there is now capital also for preparations and start-up costs for an upcoming clinical phase 2a study.

Dicot is developing the candidate LIB-01 into a new modern potency drug for the world market. The ambition is to create a preparation that has a longer duration of action and fewer side effects than those on the market today. In this way, Dicot wants to drastically improve the treatment of erection problems and give affected men and couples a better intimate life. The goal is for LIB-01 to become the first choice in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

In August 2023, the first clinical trial with LIB-01 was launched to study its safety profile in humans. The first results are expected to be presented in the spring of 2024. The company has carried out a solid preclinical program where LIB-01's effect has been verified in several animal studies and LIB-01 has shown a good safety profile in the toxicology program prior to clinical phase 1.


“LIB-01 promises to shift the management paradigm of erectile dysfunction. It is the first revolutionary molecule to enter the field since the advent of Viagra.”

Dr Harin Padma-Nathan
World leading medical expert in male sexual dysfunctions. Lead Principal Investigator in over 110 clinical trials, including the Viagra and Cialis programs.

Dr Harin Padma-Nathan

Warrants series TO5 in brief

TO5 was subscribed to 85.4%, which provides Dicot with SEK 16.5 million before issue costs. No subscription guarantors were used in TO5.

Terms and conditions
Each warrant of series TO5 entitles the holder to subscribe for one new share in Dicot.

Subscription price
The subscription price is 0.086 SEK, corresponding to 70% of the share’s volume weighted average price (VWAP) on October 13-27.

Subscription period
November 1-15, 2023.

Issue volume
225 229 530 warrants of series TO5. Upon full utilization, 225 229 530 shares will be issued, and the company may receive a maximum of approximately SEK 19.4 million before issue costs.

Trading with warrants
The warrants are admitted to trading on Spotlight Stock Market under the short name "DICOT TO 5" and can be traded via e.g., Avanza, Nordnet, or another bank. The last day for trading in warrants of series TO5 is November 13, 2023. The ISIN code is SE0019177197. Note that the warrants that are not sold by November 13, 2023, or exercised by November 15, 2023, expire worthless. For warrants of series TO 5 not to expire, the holder must actively subscribe for shares or sell their warrants within the above-mentioned time.

Why invest in Dicot?

  • Huge unmet market need.
  • Unique molecule drives a paradigm shift in erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • Global IP strategy with 4 patent families.
  • Strong scientific support, i.e., 20 preclinical studies performed.
  • Phase 1 clinical studies ongoing. Results expected during the spring of 2024.
  • Engaged investor community. Latest rights issue oversubscribed at 110%.
  • World leading experts and development partners onboard.
  • Committed team with strong focus on commercialization.
  • Strong strategy including pharma partnership to finance and develop LIB-01 to a registered drug on the world market.