LIB-01 will be the first choice of treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation among the 500 million men who are affected. And thus, take a crucial part of the market for sexual dysfunctions.

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About Dicot

We are not working on a lifestyle drug. We address a mental health problem which turns it into an issue for society as a whole. If we can produce a modern, well-functioning drug, it would have a great impact. 

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation affect men's self-esteem. Not that all masculinity derives from the genitals. But when we don't function in such an intimate and sensitive situation as a sexual act, it does something with the brain. It affects a person’s mental health.

We sympathise with those affected and want to help men and couples regain a pleasurable and functioning sex life. Because no one should have to go through having their intimate moments ruined by sexual dysfunctions. 

Göran Beijer, CEO Dicot