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Dicot's business concept is to develop Libiguin® as a drug for treating sexual dysfunctions. The development of Libiguin® will be conducted by the company up to Clinical Phase II, after which Dicot will seek a strategic partnership with a major Pharmaceutical Company.

Dicot is developing Libiguin®, a novel drug aimed at treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. The origin of Libiguin® comes from a tree in Madagascar. Through extensive research conducted at Uppsala University, the founders of Dicot, Jarl Wikberg,  isolated the active substance from the original tree and gave it the name “Libiguin”. Libiguin® proved to have a previously unknown structure and could therefore be patented. The researchers were able to show that Libiguin® had effects on laboratory animals that were consistent with what has been reported about the folk medicine use of the native plant in Madagascar. Animal studies and data from the use of folk medici indicate that Libiguin® has great potential for long-term improvement of men’s sexual health in two common areas: erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The source tree used in the development of Libiguin® is only in a limited area of ​​Madagascar and has very low levels of the active substance, therefore, the founders of Dicot developed an effective method to synthesize Libiguin®. The raw material that is now used for the development of Libiguin® is sourced from a completely different plant, which is already grown commercially for a completely different purpose in other parts of the world. This method alleviates any supply related risks and makes it possible to produce Libiguin® in the quantities required for the drug to be launched globally. Based on this, Dicot is driving the development of Libiguin® towards a registered drug.

The development of Libiguin® takes place in-house, clinical phase I and II, after which the company plans to partner with a major pharmaceutical company to be able to introduce Libiguin® to the global market. The company is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden.

Eight Success Factors For Dicot:

  • Dicot is developing Libiguin® to be a registered drug for the treatment of malfunctioning sexual functions in men
  • Libiguin® addresses the most common types of sexual dysfunction in men: erection problems, premature ejaculation, and reduced desire
  • The most common types of sexual dysfunction in men include a global market of more than 600 million patients
  • Unlike existing treatments on the market, Libiguin® has no known side effects and produces a long-lasting effect, significantly reducing the need for planning sexual activity
  • Dicot already has knowledge that Libiguin® has the desired effect in humans, which significantly reduces the risk of the project
  • Libiguin® treats multiple sexual dysfunctions in men simultaneously, allowing you to treat combinations of dysfunctions with a single drug
  • Men who are treated with nitro preparations for cardiovascular disease cannot be treated with existing drugs, where Libiguin® can. This group can serve as a gateway to the Libiguin® market

Market Potential

The sales of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are estimated to increase to more than SEK 45 billion by 2022. The corresponding figures for the early ejaculation indication are estimated to be approximately SEK 15 billion by 2020.1 The available data indicates that Libiguin® will potentially have a wider indication range compared to PDE5 inhibitors, with effects both in erection problems and premature ejaculation. There is also a potential that will have an effect in the reduction of sexual desire experienced in men. The total number of target patients whom qualify for the use of Libiguin® is estimated to be 600 million. Libiguin® has significant advantages over existing treatments and has the potential to take market share from competitors. Dicot, therefore, estimates the potential market for Libiguin® to be ~SEK 60 billion per year. 

1Market study conducted by Dicot February 2019.

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