Strategy and business model

LIB-01 is in the preclinical development phase and is currently undergoing the trials required for the application to begin a clinical Phase 1 trial. The development is intended to take place under own auspice through to clinical Phase 2 trials and thereafter together with major pharmaceutical companies in order to introduce LIB-01 to the world market.

Dicot has developed and patented semi-synthetic methods to be able to manufacture LIB-01. It is in other words based on a natural substance that is moderately modified. These methods provide Dicot with the potential to commercialize LIB-01 and launch the product globally. Dicot also have patents covering the active substance and its use in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Dicot expects that the later phases of the clinical trials, Phase 3, will take place in collaboration through strategic alliances or through a sale of the project or the company, which is expected to take place no earlier than 2023. This strategy allows Dicot the opportunity to achieve positive cash flow relatively early through payments when agreements are signed and thereafter receive milestone-payments when certain goals have been reached. Furthermore, Dicot expects to be able to obtain royalties on sales. Dicot will have the opportunity to segment the market based on different regions (EU, USA, China, India etc.) and on indications which will be used in order to maximize the outcome.