Dicot's strategy is to build a wide patent protection for current and future drug candidates.

As of today, Dicot has granted patents and patent applications within three patent families.

The first patent family covers natural and synthetic Libiguins, the natural sources of Libiguins from plants, the use of Libiguins for treating sexual dysfunctions and preparations for the administration of Libiguins to patients. The second patent family includes processes for the semi-synthetic production of Libiguins.

Dicot currently has a strong position with market exclusivity for the two patent families in important markets lasting until 2033. A new patent application was filed in 2022 to extend market exclusivity to 2042. The patent strategy is global and covers markets that are deemed to be clinically and commercially relevant to the product pipeline.

Dicot intends to continue to strengthen IP-protection around the company's current and future product candidates. Among other things, ten new patent opportunities have been identified and documented. Turned into regular patents they would extended the protection by another 20 years from the time of admission.

Dicot has a pronounced partner strategy that aims to outlicense LIB-01 when clinical data is available. The patent strategy will contribute to realizing maximum shareholder value from future business deals.