Dicot develops the potency drug of tomorrow

About our drug candidate

500 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation worldwide. Dicot is developing a modern potency drug with the ambition of creating a therapeutic drug that has a longer lasting effect and fewer side effects than those found on the market today.

Press release | 2022-11-15

Assumed to be the next generation of potency drugs

Dicot's latest study of the mechanism of action of LIB-01, shows that it differentiates from today's potency drugs.

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Dicot - the potency drug of tomorrow

Press release | 2023-08-15

Dicot´s clinical trial has started!

The Swedish Medical Products Agency has approved Dicot's application to conduct clinical phase 1 trials and the work is now underway.

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The global market for treating sexual dysfunctions is annually worth around 7 billion USD and will increase due tu underlying causes such as growing number of elderly

Today's potency drugs were launched over twentyfive years ago and have limitations

Up to 35% of men with erection problems do not respond to current treatments. LIB-01 works differently and opens up the possibility of being helped

Existing drugs have a duration of action of maximum 36 hours. According to studies, LIB-01 can have an effect lasting at least seven days

Sexual medicine experts states that there is a great need for new potency drugs

In Sweden only one out of four seeks medical help for erectile dysfunction due to the condition's stigma

Pharmaceutical Project

The aim of this year's development work is to prepare LIB-01 for clinical studies next year.

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The ambition with LIB-01

  • Longer duration
  • Effective for everyone
  • Minimal side-effects
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 867137.