Study of animals with diabetes shows effect in Dicot's drug candidate

Press release: Uppsala, October 14, 2021. Potency drug developer Dicot has just completed a study on rats with diabetes and proven erectile dysfunction. The company's drug candidate demonstrated significantly improved erections compared to vehicle.

In August 2021, Dicot released the results of its latest animal study on healthy rats, which concluded that the drug candidate LIB-01 has a longer effect on erection than other drugs on the market today, and that the effect increases over time.

The company is now publishing a new study, in collaboration with the French contract laboratory Pelvipharm, which includes rats with an underlying disease - diabetes. Due to the disease, these rats have a proven erectile dysfunction. In the established in vivo animal model, the study showed that Dicot's drug candidate significantly improved erection compared to vehicle at all measured parameters. The effect occurred after repeated dosing for three days and was measured 24 hours after the last administration.

Up to 50-60 percent of all men with diabetes will experience erectile dysfunction and is believed to develop this ten to fifteen years earlier than men without diabetes.

"This is a big leap forward for us. The results indicate that Dicot's drug candidate can provide treatment to many of the patients who have disease-related erection problems. These results are rare among new drugs that have been tested in this type of animal study and therefore very promising ", says Göran Beijer, CEO of Dicot.

"This is an important step on the way to finding an improved treatment for patients who do not respond well to the products on the market today," comments Professor Francois Guiliano,  founder of Pelivpharm.

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Dicot is developing the drug candidate LIB-01, which will be a potency agent to better treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The ambition is to create a drug with significantly longer effect and far fewer side effects, compared to those on the market. Today, at least 500 million men suffer from these sexual dysfunctions and the market is valued at SEK 50 billion. Research and development are conducted under own auspices up to phase 2 studies. Thereafter, Dicot's intention is to form strategic alliances, or alternatively carry out a trade sale, with larger, established pharmaceutical companies to be able to introduce LIB-01 on the world market.

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