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Significant progress in the production of Dicot's drug candidate

Press release: Uppsala, November 18, 2020. Dicot has produced its second large-scale batch of the drug substance for Libiguin®. The production has improved significantly, which means that 2.5 times as much drug substance has been produced from the same amount of plant raw material compared to previously batch.

The production is a semis-synthesis, where plant material is extracted whereafter natural molecules are purified from the extract. These are further synthesized to the drug substance included in the future drug product Libiguin®. Dicot has been working on streamlining and scaling up the manufacturing process to enable the production of sufficient amounts of drug substance for the activities now being undertaken in the pre-clinical program as well as for the upcoming phase 1 studies.  The very positive production result means that the availability of drug substance is secured far into the clinical phase.

"It is a very important step in the development of our drug candidate that has now been achieved together with Anthem Biosciences in India. Increasing the efficiency of production in this way means that we produce much larger quantities and that the cost per gram produced drug substance falls significantly. "says Göran Beijer, CEO of Dicot AB.



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Dicot's business idea is to develop our drug candidate Libiguin®, as a drug for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. The development takes place in-house up to clinical phases. It is the company's intention to then, at appropriate times, enter into strategic alliances, or conduct a trade-sale, with established major pharmaceutical companies in order to be able to introduce Libiguin® on the world market. Dicot is listed on spotlight stock market and has approximately 1800 shareholders. For more information see

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