Rights issue 2023

The unit issue in January 2023 was subscribed to 110% and therefore no guarantees needed to be utilized. Most of the guarantors chose to receive their compensation in shares, which is why a directed issue was also made. In total, Dicot received SEK 50.1 million net after issue costs. Below is a description of the issue and the material presented before the subscription period.

Dicot raises up to 54.8 MSEK in a preferential shares issue in January 2023 to fund commencing phase 1 clinical studies planned to start mid-2023. The offer also includes two series of warrants.

The offer contains up to 68 551 510 units equivalent to a maximum of 274 206 040 shares, a maximum of 205 654 530 warrants of series TO4, and a maximum of 205 654 530 warrants of series TO5. At full subscription, Dicot will receive a gross before costs of 54.8 MSEK in the shares issue, 41.1 MSEK in TO4, and 51.4 MSEK in TO5.

All shareholders included in the shareholder register at Euroclear by January 11, 2023, have a preferential right to sign up för units. One share entitles to two unit rights, and two unit rights entitles to one unit that consists of four new shares, three warrants in TO4, and three warrants in TO5.

Non-shareholders may participate in the shares issue but with no guarantee to receive shares.

Presubscriptions have been made by board members and management of approx. 5.0 MSEK (9%). Guarantors have guaranteed approx. 29.8 MSEK (54.5%).

The rate for one unit is 0.80 SEK, or 0.20 SEK per share. The warrants are included at no extra cost.

Subscription to participate may be done from January 13 until January 27, 2023.

Unit rights will be traded at Spotlight Stock Market January 13-24, while paid subscribed units (BTU’s) will be traded from January 13 until the shares issue is registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office, preliminary week 6, 2023. The warrants will be traded at Spotlight Stock Market after the shares issue has been registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

For more information on how to subscribe, please contact your bank, your depot manager, or the financial advisor Corpura.



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